Working in Murata Malaysia

Murata Malaysia provides a vibrant and conducive working environment where employees are able to perform their best and grow to reach their full potential.

Employees Satisfaction

We believe that high performing employees can only surface when “Employees Satisfaction (ES)” is achieved.  Since April 2010, the company has set “ES” as one of the fundamental goal and basis for all initiatives taken by the Personnel Section. 

ES improvement has to be practical and requires continuous effort.  It has to be base on the results from the half-yearly ES survey. In Murata Malaysia, the survey is one of the platforms where employees can air their voice to trigger constructive improvement to the company practice and policies.

Balance Between Work and Play

Just like a popular English saying “All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Murata Malaysia undertake many initiatives to encourage employees to take part in healthy non-work related activities such sports, company trip, community projects and pre-festival sales. 

Company to Penang (December 2010)

Netball Competition during MME Sports Day

MME Football Team

Training, Development and Career Progression

Murata Malaysia had put in-place system to facilitate career progressions for potential employees. The company views career development as the joined responsibility of the company as well as the employee.  

The company has to play the role to provide the opportunity and platform for the employees to learn and develop his/her potential.   

On the other hand, employees have to take the initiative to learn and take up the opportunities that can help them develop and grow. 

It has been a common sight in the company where employees busy making preparations for overseas training in Japan. Be it a short stint for a week or a 2 years secondment to our counterpart in Japan.  Apart from gaining job knowledge and skill, employees get the opportunity to expand their horizons where we hope to trigger further growth upon their return to the country.