Working in Murata Thailand

Murata Thailand provides a vibrant and conducive working environment where employees are able to perform their best and grow to reach their full potential.

Employee Satisfaction

We believe that high performing employees can only surface when Employees Satisfaction is achieved. That’s why Employees’ Satisfaction is our fundamental goal and is the foundation of our Human Resources’ policies and initiatives. 

In Murata Thailand, Employees Satisfaction does not only mean the accomplishment of basic needs, but more than that, it means satisfaction from personal growth and achievements. 

We provide employees the support needed to handle challenging work, in which the employees have the opportunity to challenge themselves and grow to their highest level. Their sense of accomplishment will bring high level of satisfaction and will drive employees to continuously grow to their maximum potential.  


We aim to provide a vibrant working environment. 

Open communication is encouraged at all levels and employees are free to voice their ideas.
As a result, changes are welcome and embraced by all employees, with strong understanding that complacency will not survive in current business climate. 

Several programs to improve work processes and culture were launched and supported at all organizational levels. Yearly award to celebrate improvement results, 
as well as a reward scheme for improvement suggestions, are some of the programs implemented to ensure improvements are sustained.


We cultivate a friendly and fun working culture and environment, where employees treat colleagues with high sense of camaraderie and engagement. Anywhere in the organization, employees can appreciate the feeling of mutual respect and support that form a conducive environment to reach their full potential.

New employees are immediately integrated to the team. They are brought up to speed in the shortest time, while their team members are eager to help in the process.

Several employee activities are arranged throughout the year, such as company-wide family day and sport competitions, to create stronger bond, not just among the employees, but also with their family members, and to form a solid and motivated Murata Thailand family.

Career Progression

We understand that employees’ career aspiration is the key aspect of successful talent management. Therefore, employees are encouraged to think about their career objectives and to have discussion with their superior on how the company can support the achievement of those objectives. We will work together with employees to provide path and support to reach their career goals, in line with organization’s objectives. In Murata Thailand, opportunities are laid upon employees to grow to the highest.